Finding Networking Events

Since time immemorial, mankind has always had a desire to connect with others and his environment.

The desire to feel loved, appreciated, liked, and to grow has made it crucial for mankind to establish support networks that facilitate advancement in life.

Most social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. all have one goal: to connect like-minded people.

Facebook, for instance, thrives on just one question: what’s on your mind? This simple question appeals to mankind’s desire to be appreciated and cared for.

Networking events can be grouped into the following two distinct groups:

1. Offline networking events

Offline networking events are actual contact events that are held at a location where people physically meet. During such events, people can shake hands; discuss across the table and literary pat each other on the back.

One can find such events advertised in the dailies, notice boards, on TV, on Radio, etc. You can also receive emails or letters inviting you to an event to be held at a particular venue. The bottom line is that you will have to be physically present at the event venue to be considered to have ‘attended’ the event.

2. Online networking events

Online networking events can be found across the internet, especially on social media. These events are virtual and do not require one to be physically present at the venue of the meeting.

To find online events, the internet is your go-to place. These can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the like.

For instance, on Facebook you can find events being streamed live, which can help you if you aren’t able to go to the exact location of the event.  Similar events are also held via Skype, Webinars, etc.

All one needs to do is to click on a link and join an online event. Alternatively a simple Google search for “networking events near me” will yield a host of results on events scheduled in your area.

There are many ways of finding networking events either online or offline. Whether you get invited to those events or not, is not the prime concern here. As long as you have joined the right groups, pages, or hangouts, you would surround yourself with the right people and hence finding a desired networking event will be simpler than child’s play.