Finding An Events Planner in Nigeria

Picture this!

You have this important event coming up soon. You need a professional events planner to take care of the details and leave you to concentrate on the event itself – the big picture. You go to good old Google and start typing “event planners in nigeria” hoping to get a lead on where to start looking.

As you pour through tens of events planners in Nigeria, each of them claiming to be the best thing since Aspirin, you soon realize that you will have to do more than just use the Google search dialogue box.

Finding the right events planner in Nigeria, like in many other countries, is a nightmare. This is because most events planners trumpet their prowess from the rooftops but more often than not disappoint in terms of delivery.

One can however minimize their chances of getting a quack events planner by following the following tips.

Important Event Coming Up

1. Track record

Unless it’s a new events company, any events planner worth their salt must have a proven track record of quality service delivery. And don’t just rely on their testimony alone. Ask for testimonials from past clients before you even decide to hire them. Actually take the phone and call past clients as this will give you a clearer picture of the events company in question. One of the websites which makes the process a whole lot easier and where you can find hundreds of event planners as well as see the profiles, their career, work experience and their contact details is The process of track recording is done much faster once you have the full info!

2. Professional membership

Are they members of a professional events planners association? If an event planner is a professional, then they will definitely subscribe to a professional body in their trade. Ask around and refer to the relevant professional body information outlets.

3. Trade and service guides

Are they listed in trade and services guides such as My Guide in Nigeria. If they are listed in authoritative trade guides in Nigeria, then this will improve your chances of hiring a planner who won’t let you down. But even in this instance, ensure that the trade guides you are relying on are not works of fiction. Do your research thoroughly.

4. Events Planning Certification

Do they have certification from credible events planning institutions in Nigeria? If someone is a qualified events planner, they will have a certification. If their only claim to events planning is experience at Mom and Pop business, perhaps you should look elsewhere!